Exhaust Repair San Diego

We'll Repair Your Exhaust!

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Did your exhaust system get damaged from road hazards or an accident? We specialize in exhaust repairs like pipe straightening, hole and leak repair, exhaust hanger repair, exhaust seal replacement and repair, muffler repair and catalytic converter replacement. We'll get your vehicle back on the road for less than a dealership ever could.

Smog Repair San Diego

Fail Emissions Or A Smog Check?

Not passing emissions testing? There are several parts of your car or truck exhaust system that could be to blame: catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, mufflers and the exhaust piping in between. We'll repair the problem with your vehicle and get you back on the road, typically in the same day!

smog system repair san diego
Common Smog Failure Causes
  • Bad O2 Sensor
  • Check Engine Light
  • Incorrectly Installed Aftermarket Items
  • Rusted Out or Bad Catalytic Converter
  • Rusted Through Exhaust System

Body Shop Exhaust Repair

Collision Centers / Body Shops

collision center exhaust repair san diego

Collision centers and body shops: you may not need to replace your client's exhaust system. In most circumstances, we can repair the collision damage that the exhaust system sustained without replacing the vehicles entire exhaust system, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

The crew at American Muffler are fantastic. I had an issue with my 2003 VW Beetle and wasn't sure what was wrong. I had other mechanics tell me I may need an entire new exhaust system put into my car and then I was recommended to American Muffler. They could have easily taken advantage of me and charged me to replace anything on the exhaust system. Instead they told me the problem was a simple flex tube repair and it saved me a lot of money. The car runs great with no problems now. If you want honest, quality service please check out American Muffler.!

James E. | San Diego, CA

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